Stealth Series: Alpha Sterone
Stealth Series: Alpha Sterone

Stealth Series: Alpha Sterone

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Androsterone: 100mg- This compound helps to increase lean muscle tissue, increase strength, & is very dry so you will not gain a bunch of water weight like you do with some other compounds of this nature. Similar to EpiAndrosterone because it does convert to "stanolone." It is different however, in that it is a 3-alpha isomer & EpiAndrosterone is a 3-beta isomer. Androsterone is known for giving users an "alpha feeling;" the feeling of conquering & feeling "on," as some people would say. Building hard, dense muscle and feeling a massive strength increase will be unavoidable.
EpiAndrosterone: 200mg- Also known as Epi-Andro. It is a natural metabolite of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). It is considered to be a precursor to "stanolone," basically meaning that it converts to DHT in the body. This compound helps to increase strength tremendously and help build dense & lean muscle mass. It also binds to your body's SHBG(sex hormone binding globulin), leading to a greater ratio of free testosterone to total testosterone(this is GREAT for making gains)!


DHEA (DeHydroEpiAndrosterone) 50mg is a hormone that is naturally produced by the adrenal glands which is then converted to different types of hormones needed by the body. Signs and symptoms of aging begin to show with the decline of DHEA levels starting from your mid 20s and rapidly decline from 30s. Lower DHEA levels is directly correlated to lower production of these hormones.

Strength and Energy Levels
Mood & Reduce Depression
Mental Clarity
Muscle Mass / Bone Density
Libido / Sex Drive
Hormonal Levels

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